Friday, November 18, 2005

Sukyo Mahikari's 'first Messiah'

Here is just a little food for thought on the subject of Mahikari's founder, Yoshikazu Okada, and religious leaders in general. Please excuse the Mahikari quotes...they are there to set the scene.

This first quote, written by Okada on October 10, 1969, is from the Preface of Goseigen (p. 3):

"Furthermore, God revealed that He had given me, such a plain man like me, the important mission of establishing a true prosperity for the future of mankind. That is the mission of "the First Messiah" who is to let mankind make a great turn towards the Righteous Path of tuning in with God."

In the following quote, also from Goseigen (p. 269, revealed December 8, 1965), God is talking about Okada's role:

"Your Master is not the Master just for you. He is now the Master of the eternal life of all Mankind as the true God's Deputy for this world, for I have had him complete five years of spiritual training of Bodhisattva. Consequently, he has become the Master Who is the One not only for you but, He is the soul that I shall make the Master for all mankind; and whom I shall use for the holy work of establishing God's Kingdom."

In this final quote, from Chapter 9 of Steve Hassan's Combatting Cult Mind Control, Hassan is talking about a conversation he had with a Hare Krishna member:

"It was also important for him [Phil] to see that there are other groups who are led by people claiming to be spiritually superior. When I eventually told him that there were some three thousand cult groups, and that if one of them was in fact led by the one legitimate great leader (which I seriously doubted), then the odds that he would have found the right one on the first pick were three thousand to one. Not very good odds."

No, not very good odds at all.


Anonymous Darcy said...

This is exactly why I have stopped seeking truth and trying to find the "right" religion. I have just turned my focus to God. He will be the one to judge me one day based on my life. As long as I live my life for Him and do my best to lead a life like He would want...I will be complete. I won't die in fear because I know in my heart I did all I could.

December 29, 2005  

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