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3年ほど前に、7年使用したオミタマの、中を拝見 しましたが、中には
何も入っていません。恥ずかしながら小生は、不良 品をかった事に気づ
オミタマの中身があっても無くてもお清め出来る、 お清めにオミタマの

と言うことは、聖の文字の紙と、教え主さまのオミ タマの調整は何だっ
たのでしょうか。他の信者さんの中にもオミタマに 紙が入っていない可

The above was posted in 2004 on the now inactive 真光について site. I'm told it was written by a kumite who opened omitama, after giving okiyome for 7 years, only to discover that it was empty!

I'm waiting on a full translation of this post, and will add it here in due course.


Blogger Anne said...

The following is the translation of the above Japanese post:

Inside my omitama

Three years ago, I opened my omitama which I had been wearing for 7 years. It was empty. To my embarrassment, it means that I kept giving okiyome for 7 years without knowing that my omitama was a faulty product.

I came to realize that we could give okiyome with or without its content, the content was not necessary to give okiyome.

That makes me wonder what on earth the paper with "聖" (holy) written on it was for, and what on earth the tuning of omitama by oshienushi was. I suspect I was not the only member to receive an empty omitama.

I wonder what percentage of members receive a faulty omitama?

January 04, 2006  

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