Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sharing views on Mahikari

The purpose of this blog is to provide a virtual community where the issues facing kumite when they leave or have left Mahikari can be discussed with others who are going through, or have been through, a similar process.

Therefore, I've made it easy for anyone to post comments. You may remain anonymous if you wish but, if so, please use a nickname so that we can get to know you. When posting a comment, please bear in mind that both current and former members of Mahikari include many sincere and idealistic people, and that all these people deserve respect. Comments will be moderated (sparingly) in order to weed out overly vitriolic and completely off-topic posts.

I hope to add articles concerning various relevant topics, such as the origins of Mahikari, escaping mind control, Japanese new religions in a historical context, the two Mahikaris, etc. If you wish to submit an article, or an experience story, please post it to me and I'll post it as a new post rather than as a comment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to thank everyone that has contributed to the information on this "site". This kind of information is a great support when someone wants to leave Mahikari. I was a member for around 12 years, but wasn't so active the last 6 years. I never felt OK to recommend Mahikari to my friends, but still I stayed to long?! When I joined there was a lot of newcomers and we had a lot of fun. They seemed like true seekers to me. However many of them dropped off and those who stayed stopped discussing spiritual issues and didn't question the teachings. My leaving Mahikari started with not wearing the Omitama for one year, then I stopped paying to the organization. The next step will be distroying or giving back the Omitama. I don't want to have any contact with the organisation and I haven't written to them to say I don't want to be a member any more. I have done this step by step to check what will happen... Silly me. I have got a lot of comfort from reading Neale Donald Walsch's books. The teaching in those books gives the power to each individual as images of God. We don't have to be slaves in any organisation that says they have the ultimate answer. We must think and reflect ourselves.

December 22, 2005  
Blogger Anne said...

Hi Elisabeth!

Thank you for your comment. It's certainly nice to hear that the blog is proving useful to people.

Leaving Mahikari after being a member for many years is a big step for anyone, so don't be hard on yourself about doing it step by step. Whatever works for you is fine!

I don't know Walsch's books. Are there any particular titles you'd like to recommend?

December 22, 2005  

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