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Okada's busy schedule

The above is a tentative timeline based on the information I've found so far. It is far from comprehensive, and may need to be modified as I find more information.

The above timeline shows Okada's activities between the end of the war and the founding of Mahikari (originally called Yōkōshi Tomo no Kai), and shows the placement of some of the events mentioned in the previous group of posts (back to and including the "dog story").

Items with black arrows are information from the Human Rights Without Frontiers site, and the cited source is An unpublished manuscript by S. Chang, ch. 12, 1-3. This information is not presented as being "official" Sūkyō Mahikari material, but it is clearly pro-Mahikari, and Mahikari apologists have posted links to this article. Firm dates are incredibly scarce in official Mahikari material, so I've needed to rely on Chang's article more than on primary sources.

Items with red arrows are from official Mahikari sources, and the green arrows denote information from non-Mahikari sources.

The colored bars represent the time spans of Okada's major activities. The green bars show Okada's SKK activity (according to SKK sources). The blue bars show Okada's employment (according to Chang's information, but the company name is from Mahikari sources), and the yellow bar shows the activities related to Okada's spiritual development (again according to Chang).

My first impression from this timeline is that Okada must have been literally working "night and day" for many of these years in order to have fitted in all the things he is supposed to have done.

Even if we ignore the yellow bar for the moment, how did Okada manage to be a full-time paid kanbu with SKK and an advisor (some sources say he was a supervisor) with a construction company at the same time? If being an SKK kanbu is as time-consuming as being a Mahikari kanbu, he would not have had time for anything else at all!

Are any of you living in Tokyo and willing to help out here? I have the address of a Tada Construction Company, in Tokyo, established in 1947. Would anyone be able to visit them and check if and when Okada worked there, and exactly what role he had in that company?

Apparently, Okada had massive debts at the end of the war, and managed to pay them all off just before starting Mahikari. If he wasn't working for a construction company, where did he get that money? Again, if SKK is anything like Mahikari, he would have been earning very little during the years he was a kanbu.

The above is the most glaring problem with this timeline, but there are a couple of points which look just a little odd, too.

For example, what happened in 1949? Suddenly he went from selling boots and being an ordinary SKK member, to an impressive sounding job and an appointment as kanbu. Did someone wave a magic wand?

Also, what happened in 1953? At about the same time, he was sacked as an SKK kanbu, but remained a member, and was promoted to the Board of Directors of Tada. Was there some sort of connection between these events?

Something tells me there was a lot more going on during those years than we are told...or a lot less!

Then, of course, there is the yellow bar to consider. What exactly was Okada studying? The teachings of other new Japanese religions and the Takeuchi document? What were the "several religions" he joined?

According to Chang, Okada's ascetic training at the Buddhist temple was: In order to further his spiritual development and deepen his spiritual practice of humility. Since Sunkyō defines Bosatsu no Gyō as being primarily about humility, perhaps Okada's five years of Bosatsu training are supposed to be in this time frame, too. (See earlier post on Bosatsu no Gyō.)

Does anyone have any details to flesh out, or explain, or contradict the above timeline?


Blogger Jejune said...

This is a fantastic lot of detective work Anne!

Yes, there are a lot of really odd circumstances - I don't suppose we'll ever know the reality of what Okada really did during those years, although you've certainly done a great job of piecing bits of information together :)

March 20, 2006  
Blogger Anne said...

Thanks Jejune. There's still a lot more detective work to be done!

Speaking of which, does anyone know who S. Chang is?

Does anyone know exactly who submitted the Sukyo Mahikari information to the Human Rights Without Frontiers site?

March 21, 2006  
Blogger Anne said...

PS on Bosatsu no Gyō:

I've just received an email from a reader concerning Bosatsu no Gyō.

According to to a 30-year chronicle of Sukyo Mahikari, published in Japanese, Okada claimed that he finished Bosatsu no Gyō on October 10, 1965.

Does anyone know if this chronicle is available in English?

So, we don't need to squeeze Bosatsu no Gyō into that yellow time-bar along with everything else, after all!

March 21, 2006  
Blogger Lara said...

There is no way on God's green earth that Okada had enough time to do all of the things that Mahikari claims he did. That means that some of it must be made up, but of course kumite will say things like, "He was a prophet and therefore could have called on the power of God to help him with things like this."

April 10, 2006  

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