Monday, June 12, 2006

Role of Yo and the Mahikari name

Does anyone have access to copies of the Mahikari magazine that Okada published in the early days of Mahikari?

According to some posts on Mahikari-related Japanese discussion sites, there are a number of references to Makoto no Michi Kyoukai in these early Mahikari magazines. I would be very curious to see exactly what Okada had to say about Makoto no Michi Kyoukai, since it sounds like there was a close connection between Okada and this group over the years leading up to, and for a number of years after, the start of Yokoshi Tomo no Kai (the original name of Okada's Mahikari organization).

The information posted by various people on the Japanese discussion sites is second-hand information, so I am looking for material that would verify that information. According to this information, Dr. Nobuo Shioya was co-founder of the Makoto no Michi religious group, established in 1948, but Shioya and his followers established a split-off group called Makoto no Michi Kyoukai in 1955. Shioya's group included ex-military people and strong right wing elements, and also included Kafū Nakada (at whose place the tenjo investigation of Okada's soul was performed in 1960).

Apparently, members (who were known as "kumite") were each assigned the role of one of the 50 Japanese syllables. Some sort of divination technique was used to assign these roles, and Okada was assigned the role of guessed it!....the role of Yo. The Japanese posts say that Okada was some sort of group leader within Makoto no Michi Kyoukai, and his group was called the "Mahikari" group. Apparently, there is a photo of this group in one of the Makoto no Michi Kyoukai publications...I'd like to see that too!

Apparently, the March 1962 edition of the Makoto no Michi Kyoukai magazine, in an article concerning one of their ceremonies, reports that one of the people attending was Koutama Okada, and he was identified as being a "role of Yo" person and leader of the "Mahikari" group. I would really like a copy of this magazine too! You'll notice that this article was published a year and a half before Okada changed the name Yokoshi Tomo no Kai to Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyoudan. In other words, at this stage, Okada's organization was not yet known as "Mahikari".

I've not seen any mention of Makoto no Michi Kyoukai in any Sukyo Mahikari publications, but the leader of this group, Nobuo Shioya, is mentioned in kenshu as the man who provided Okada with the explanation of the role of Yo, and kenshu mentions that Shioya obtained this information in revelations from Oomine Rousen. As noted in the Tenjou post some months ago, Oomine Rousen is not a real person. He is a spirit who supposedly transmitted information via seance-type rituals and via tenjou automatic writing techniques to Shioya and other Makoto no Michi and Makoto no Michi Kyoukai people. It seems this spirit was quite popular amongst psychic research groups in Japan in the late 40s and 50s.

I've not managed to find much information about Makoto no Michi Kyoukai itself, but the Shinto dictionary has this to say about the parent group, Makoto no Michi: The movement actively undertakes seances and rites of spirit possession, as well as performing other religious practice.

According to the Shinri Kenkyuukai web site, one of the so-called revelations Shioya received from Oomine Rousen concerned a major "convulsion of nature", which was due to peak between the year 2000 and 2005. I've not had time to research other "revelations" from Oomine Rousen yet..and I'm busy with other things for the next few weeks...but I can't wait to see what else might look familiar!

As you can see, this research is still in progress. Please contact me if you can add anything to the above, or if you can confirm or correct any of it. Thanks!


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