Tuesday, March 28, 2006

After Mahikari... blogger mechanics

Back in the early days of this blog, I invited readers to submit their own posts on topics that interest them. This is for people who want to start a new topic, rather than just make a comment on an existing post. (Comments on existing posts are always welcome too, of course, and I thank you for those!)

With a few excellent exceptions, most of the posts have been from me so far, so I think it might be time to remind you all that you are very welcome to send in new posts as well. The variety would be good, but in addition to that, I look like being extremely busy with other things for the next month or so. It would be great if some of you could help me keep the blogger ball rolling during that time. So, if you don't have a web site or blog of your own, and you have something to say, please think about writing something for this blog.

You can write anything, of any length. It could be your views on a Sūkyō Mahikari topic that particularly interests you. It could be your story of how "they" got you in and how you got yourself out of Mahikari. It could be some contradictory quotes from within official Sūkyō Mahikari publications, or something on mind control, or even just a joke...we haven't had many of those!

Here's one that I saw somewhere recently: Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

Anyway, the mechanics for sending in a post of your own is to send the text (and title, please) to me via ordinary email. Click on View my complete profile (above-right on your screen) to go to my email address. I will add in a header line saying who contributed the post (this can be a nickname, your real name, or just Anonymous).

Alternatively, you could just use the comment function below this post, but in that case, please indicate at the start of your "comment" that it is really a new post rather than a comment. I will then know to copy it across as a new post. If you take this option, I suggest that you write your article first, and then paste it into the comment window. Comment windows sometimes do strange things, and I'd hate you to lose a half-written article due to a blogger glitch. (This is the voice of experience!)

Since I'm talking about blogger mechanics, perhaps I should mention that lots of links to a blog help move it closer to page 1 of search engine results. So, if you like this blog and want to help more people find it, and if you have some sort of web page or blog yourself, please consider adding a link to this blog somewhere on your own site. Thanks!


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