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My focus is on rallying for the Truth to expose the Lies and Deception Sukyo Mahikari has used to control its members. When we were members were we force fed? No, but this cult did trick us/manipulate us into opening our mouths! An example springs to mind when on the first day of kenshu the lecturer asks the attendees to empty their minds like tipping out old tea from a tea pot and (pouring in new tea) open oneself to the new teachings/beliefs of Sukyo Mahikari. No questions to the lecturer were permitted from attendees for the entire 3 days. One was expected to just accept obediently/blindly everything they meted out. Over 3 days the lectures were geared to program the attendees into a state of being mesmerized into this cult’s indoctrination. Why did we have to believe that God gave Okada those “revelations”? Yes I accept I was naïve and gullible. What if he lifted them off another organisation like Johrei (SKK) and gave them a different flavour. Perhaps the following is an example of that.

There is one major FLAW in Okada’s teachings where kumites/members are asked to practise:


The Universal Law of Attraction is that whatever you focus on/pay attention to, will expand, that is more of the same will be received. Those who have seen the movies “What the Bleep do we Know” and “The Secret” will no doubt understand how this Law of Attraction influences our lives in every moment. So obviously in order to have a positive life one would focus on what one would want whether it be good health, harmonious relationship, prosperity, etc. Thus by focusing on offering gratitude for these wonderful blessings then more of the same would be received by the person.

Now when I was a kumite and was going through health problems, financial challenges and relationship problems, the kanbu/staff members would blithely say, great! Just offer a prayer/donation and offer gratitude to Su God for this wonderful cleansing which I did and bingo, the Law of Attraction brought me more of the same cleansings! Staff members would exclaim how wonderful for this suffering because you are erasing your family’s sins and impurities. Where is the proof of that belief? I didn’t see joy in the dojo. I watched with dismay the spiritual disturbance amongst kumites, and Sukyo Mahikari proclaims to solve spiritual disturbance! I did not witness much evidence of it being solved. I do wonder how many Kumites left in a far worse mental/physical state than when they joined.

After I left this brainwashing cult I realized why kumites would always be chasing their tails and never catching any ken wa fu/happiness. So this is the FLAW. It’s just not possible to be happy and self empowered in SM because based on the Law Of Attraction, when kumites are asked to focus on gratitude for their wonderful cleansing then MORE cleansing will be received! And with those cleansings you then offer gratitude for erasing more spiritual impurities, and thus more erasing/cleansing occurs and the cycle never ends.

So what this cult is asking its members to do is to focus on what they don’t want and based on the Law of Attraction they draw more of what they don’t want to themselves! Frankly, who in their right minds would want to live their life continually being thankful for suffering? Sukyo Mahikari does. To the detriment of its members. So that when you are continually suffering, you are asked to make apologies/be thankful/donations/divine service to erase spiritual impurities, give more light and so forth. What a mastermind way to control and disempower its members. I offer my sincere prayers for all kumites to take back their personal power. I hope by unveiling this massive deception by SM you may see logic behind the Law of Attraction and use it to bring the benefits of good health, loving relationships and prosperity into your lives.

On a personal note, I was forever in a financial mess and was told by staff members the only way to erase financial karma was to offer more money to God, that is to Sukyo Mahikari and be thankful for my financial cleaning. Well I did all that and did my financial situation improve? No way. It got worse! After I left this cult I came across the Law of Attraction and saw the writing on the wall of how I had been sucked into their disempowerment program. I experienced a Miracle financially just by focusing on what I wanted using the Law of Attraction principle. I believe the “Law of Attraction” is the basis for everything that comes into our experience.

I feel Sukyo Mahikari has a lot to answer for.



Anonymous pato said...


Many thanks for bringing up the deceptive way Sukyo Mahikari is using the Law of Attraction and to the detriment of its members.

While I was a member of Sukyo Mahikari I experienced periodic back pain for which I continually offered thanks and apology to God. This went on for at least five years (probably more). During those years the pain became more and more frequent to a point where I had attacks every
couple of weeks. Over the years I had x-rays, CT scans and a MRI, the results of which gave no explanation for the pain. I often had to cancel plans and meetings because of the debilitating pain. Eventually, I hesitated to make plans in advance in case they had to be cancelled.

Kanbu's advice was to give and receive more light. Do more divine service.

Thankfully, I recently learned about the "Law of Attraction" which explained so much to me. Since I stopped thanking God for all my pain and now pray and offer gratitude for my wellness, I have been free of pain for many months. I look forward to this blessing continuing. Its time for kumites to wake up before it’s too late.


April 08, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am no longer a part of SM either... but even when I was a member, I tried using the law of attraction to my own benefit.

I told some friend members that if we were always focusing on our negative karma, when are we supposed to just live and enjoy the here and now? Who cares about karma... that was a long time ago.

plus no one can prove ANY OF THIS... including the law of attraction...

Theses "laws" of the universe are things that no one can actually prove... so its all based in personal belief.

I do think that the Law of Attraction exists... but I'm not going to try and defend its validity to anyone... its just my own thinking.

April 19, 2007  
Anonymous Sarah said...

I certainly agree that the endless focus on being grateful for your hardships. While it can sometimes make those hardships a bit easier to cope with (as they seem to have some meaning), in over 10 years of being a kumite, and trying my hardest to do the 'right thing', I didn't see any improvement in any area of my life, if anything my mental, emotional and physical health went downhill, and my finances were the same.

hile I don't believe in any supernatural forces, I do think that what we focus on in life has a big effect.

April 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The main focus in Mahikari is cleansing, so kumites are always tuned in to that. So what you get is what you focus on.Maybe kumites should focus on joyful living.

April 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear me, what a glum lot. I don't see that you're awakening to SM being what you think has really helped much, do You?

As a practitioner of SM for 34 years next month, I have witnessed many wonderful miracles in my life. I practice gratitude for being alive, simply that. The cleansings will take care of themselves, God's business, not mine. And they have. Without this practice I wouldn't be here and that's MY truth. So sorry you have all got caught up in this negative stuff. I believe that either God is everything or He is nothing. I choose to believe He is everything... including SM. So, if I can wish anything for you wonderful people, I sincerely wish you God's blessings and the ability to have your own experiences with God and the Light, yours in kindness and in faith

August 22, 2011  

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