Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More on "Raise your hand" (te o kazase)

To all Japanese readers of this blog (or anyone else!):

Could you please help me find a 1974 (Showa 49) edition of Goseigen?

In my last post I talked about the fact that both the first edition (1970) and third edition (1973) of the Mahikari Goseigen (Japanese) do not include "raise your hand" (te o kazase). I have now noticed a footnote in a Nanzan Journal article by Peter Knecht which says that his Japanese edition of Goseigen, published in 1974, also does not include "raise your hand".

Unfortunately, Knecht does not include the exact date of publication or indicate who published this edition. Since Yoshikazu Okada died in June 1974, the exact date of this 1974 edition might indicate if these words were added in to the first revelation in Goseigen by Okada or by someone else.

Do you have the 1974 edition?

Do you know anyone who might have the 1974 edition?

Do you live near the Nanzan University library, or any other library that might have the 1974 edition of Goseigen?

If you do, would you please tell me the exact date of publication, tell me the edition number (it would be the 4th or later edition), and also tell me any other publication details (who was the publisher, who has the copyright, etc).

Of course, there may have been more than one edition published in 1974, so please also check to see if "raise your hand" (te o kazase) is included in the first revelation.

If anyone finds this information, please email me at the address shown in the blog header, or use the comment function to tell me the details. I will be extremely grateful for any information you can provide.

Thank you very much!


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