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Building Mahikari's world shrine ~ Okada said, "God has demanded that I build His shrine."

I came across a part of teachings which were apparently given by Dairi (then deputy) and a comment as below on an internet discussion site.

October issue, Heisei 16 (2004),  p34 - - - we have been permitted to complete four great holy works, which Yokoshi-no-tomo have been greatly longing for, starting with building the World Shrine, followed by Hikaru Shinden (shrine), Hikaru Memorial Hall, and Mahikari Youth Hall. This is truly totally a blessing of divine arrangements. We cannot help offering the truth of gratitude to Su-no-oo-mi-kami-sama and Sukuinushi-sama for their protection. - - - -  The sect leaders were the ones who decided to build them, yet Dairi says that the followers have been greatly longing for those buildings. He wants to make it sound as if the followers wanted them. Having built those overly grandiose buildings which are hugely expensive to maintain, he calls them four great holy works! Moreover, he says, "we cannot help offering the truth of gratitude". What does that mean? All Dairi will do is probably simply to offer prayers, but isn't he telling the ordinary members to make offerings (= offer money)! Sukyo is truly nonsense.  - - - - Kokoga hen! Mahikari no hon!; 245

This person says that the four buildings listed here are the products of decisions made solely by Oshienushi (the cult leader) or her deputy at their whim, and that the deputy's statement that the followers had been longing for them is him forcing his words on the followers. 

When I was in Mahikari and heard such untrue statements, I remember, I asked myself, "what's that?" somewhere in my mind, even though they were so-called "divine teachings". "Have we been longing for them? I don't remember doing so . . . .  Even the members around me haven't voiced such eagerness  . . . " However, to say such a thing was taboo and nobody questioned the "divine teachings". They might have been saying to themselves, "We are told to unite ourselves with Oshienushi. We have to think that what she wants is what we want."  In a worse case, probably they weren't thinking themselves and were easily enticed into saying to themselves, "she says that we have been longing for them . . . . then, that must be right."

Another thing to mention is that Dairi uses the words "holy works" for constructions of those buildings. This is a good example of how convenient the words are for the cult organisation. When the cult uses the word "holy", Mahikari followers take it as "holy" whatever it is. Their thinking patterns seem to have been so simplified. They are easily led to think: I see. . . Since it is a holy work, it must fit with divine will. 

It was Okada, not the followers, who planned to build "Sekai-so-honzan (the world shrine, or Suza)".  Okada, of course, didn't say that he himself decided to do so. He claimed that 'God' had demanded that he do so, which the followers believed was the case as Okada proclaimed. However, nobody can confirm that his God demanded so. If you look into this claim from the real world, namely, the world outside of Mahikari, it may have been made up by Okada, or it may have been his delusion. If such a thing actually didn't happen, this can be interpreted as his exploit of "God". In other words, he stated his own desire under the name of God. "Su-god" about whom he preached was the god described by him, and he called himself His representative on earth, acting as His spokesman, making his words God's words.  So it is safe to consider that the project of building the shrine ultimately came from Okada.

Okada's statement below proves that he started the idea, though he brought in "God" into his statement.

 . . .  it is "Mahikari" that God came to and demanded a shrine built for Him. That's how He ordered me to do so. 

God is saying, "If you lead the descendants of Levi and accomplish building a shrine for me, I will protect Yokoshi endlessly and help them dissolve all kinds of spirit disturbances". This is the start of my organisation.

There is no use saying, "You, Oshienushi-sama, have made the promise on your own," or "Why didn't He make the contract with me?"

 - - - -  omitted - - - - 

- - -  building of the shrine becomes what all of you must come and gather to carry out and must compete in the race to be of service.
Because of that, it is even more of your responsibility to carry out humbly the contract between me and God, namely, Yokoshi/Levis and God, in unification. You must keep it in mind.    - - - - Mahikari Magazine, No.240 (September, 1982) p26-27

Mahikari followers were sucked into Okada's talks filled with confidence, and were made to believe his words blindly: if that's what the Creator God wants, we must make efforts. After the death of Okada, Keishu (Ms Okada) had strife with Sekiguchi over the succession of the original organisation Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan, and she lost the battle and left SMBK, taking a large number of members with her to her own newly founded organisation called Sukyo Mahikari in 1978. She continued to urge on its members the importance of building Suza (World Shrine). Having poured some tens of billions of yen exploited from the followers, she finished building that shiny gilded shrine in 1984.   [Note1]    In February. the following year, she announced that Okutsuki (tomb) and a memorial hall would be built for Okada.  The okutsuki (Hikaru-shinden) was completed in July, 1992.  [Note2]

Each of the buildings was forcefully imposed on the followers from the top in the cult system. Mahikari followers exist for the sect, and they are the source of money, yet, it doesn't accept any responsibility for the followers, nor show any gratitude or apology in a true sense to its members (especially ordinary members). It exploits and discards them, and it has been doing so. It seems very, very difficult for the followers to notice that they have a slave-like existence to the sect, as they offer their services and money to it, believing that they are doing so for God.   

The sect had teachings about the World Shrine (Suza) - -  'the base of saving mankind', 'a necessity for turning the world into heaven on earth', 'it will increase the light' and so on. Well, if a question is asked whether the organisation is doing actual things to save mankind, with Suza at the centre, the answer is no. In realty, it doesn't contribute to turning the world into heaven on earth, either. Objectively speaking, so-called 'divine light' hasn't become stronger since the completion of Suza, either. To begin with, 'divine light' is not what has been objectively confirmed, so such a thing cannot be measured to see whether it has become 'stronger'.     [Note3]      The external purpose of Suza is for advertising Sukyo Mahikari to the outside world. Keishu kept saying that the baptism of fire was around the corner, even after the completion of Suza, and continued to threaten the followers, talking about various happenings, accidents, disasters, etc..  [Note4]

Even if we wish no natural or man-made disasters, or accidents to happen, they happen somewhere on earth.  When a disaster happens, all this cult does is to preach; it is  'God's anger' 'God's warning' 'Misogi-harahi (cleansing) in the human world' 'impurities of that person' 'impurities of the people living in that area' etc.. Don't you think there is something wrong with this religion and its teachings? It makes the followers do tekazashi (raising their hands) and makes them cling to the illusion that the world is getting 'spiritually' purified by God's light. If something happens, they are led to interpret it in the way convenient to the sect, even if it has nothing to do with tekazashi or the sect. This type of mechanism doesn't bring any actual salvation to mankind.

"We are going to build such and such buildings. You must offer the truth of gratitude."  The words such as "truth" and "gratitude"  have nice images, but "you must offer the truth of gratitude" means 'you must make the most offerings," "you must donate money to our organisation," "you must go and recruit people," and so on. The followers, even though the teachings are high-handed (like - since you are Kumite, you are longing for this and that, aren't you!), are made to accept the teachings gratefully as 'divine'. Then they say to themselves, as if hypnotised,  "Ah y-e-s. We are longing for that." They are not allowed to question Okada, Oshienushi, or the sect itself - that is Mahikari's meaning of 'sunao'. The more sunao (obedient) followers there are, the more sweet juice the organisation can suck.

According to Okada, God said, "if you complete building the shrine, I will protect Yokoshi endlessly and help them dissolve all kinds of spirit disturbances." What a great promise it was! However, this great promise of God wasn't reality. Though the Sukyo Mahikari's shrine for Su-god was completed in 1984, such a promise hasn't been realised up to now. It's not a reality that Yokoshi (Mahikari members) have been especially protected, nor that they are good examples whose 'spirit disturbances' have been dissolved. On the contrary, they have even made themselves nuisances in society.    [Note5]     In the small world of Mahikari which has limited and distorted information, the followers may be indulging in the group delusion that  their God is giving special protection to them. But if you look at them objectively from the outside world, such phenomena are not observed among them.
Is that because 'Su-god' made that promise with Okada, but not with Keishu (Ms Okada) or the deputy of Sukyo Mahikari? He doesn't think it necessary to keep that promise for somebody else? Okada said, "the contract between me and God, namely, the contract between Yokoshi/ Levites and God." Yokoshi and Levites are other names Okada used to call his followers. Keishu was one of his followers. She claimed that she had succeeded Okada's 'divine role', so she should have taken over the contract as well, naturally along with God's promise. Otherwise, Okada would lose his face in the afterlife about his "golden" words. Or did Keishu tell a lie about her succession? Or, is Okada's God whimsical and not trustworthy? Or, has "Su-god" got a problem in deciding which "Suza (the world shrine)" to pick among three?     [Note 2]      Or, is another God enshrined at Suza?    [Note6]      Or, this promise of Su-god cannot be carried out due to the poor 'sonen (the inner state of mind)' of Mahikari members?   

Or, from the beginning, did this god Okada described as 'Su-god' have no substance? Though this God is treated inside this cult organisation ("Kyodan" in Japanese, but, it can mean "insane organisation" with different kanji for 'kyo' applied), as the existent absolute being who created the universe, He doesn't exist in the real world outside this sect? 

Things haven't happened as promised. That means; it is unlimitedly questionable that such a contract was made between Okada and his God, and on top of that, it is unlimitedly questionable even about the existence of 'Su-god', the Creator God, that Okada teaches about. That means; there is even another thing which is essentially dubious - namely, Okada's statement that God came to him and demanded that the shrine be built. 

Some people might like to believe that there is a god-like or spiritual being involved here. Then, it can be considered that Okada's God is not a 'righteous god' as Okada (and the sect following him) claims, and that his God can be considered as an 'evil deity' or 'evil spirit', if you take one step out of the Mahikari world.  [Note7]

God, who demanded a shrine for Himself, so obsessed by a shrine. God, who exploited (or let the sect exploit) such a huge amount of money from the followers, yet, didn't keep His promise after the completion of the shrine. To say more, this God cannot be proven to exist even through tekazashi. The sect and its 'spiritual' leader pose as if they are in contact with such God. There are no signs that 'righteous Gods' are standing in the front stage.      [Note8]      Mahikari-no-waza doesn't seem to be what Okada and the sects following him have claimed, either.   .  .  .  .  

Mahikari followers, who raise their hands, swallowing whatever Okada and the sects following him say and have said,  seem to have forgotten how to see the real world.

[Note1] From "Kokoga hen! Mahikari no hon!"; 178

FOCUS covered the world shrine which was close to completion, with a title "a big shrine of the total construction costs of 30 billion yen". 
In that article, the sect explained that it hadn't been collecting donations. The reporter responded sarcastically, "Well, then, did the money fall down from the sky?"
It is nothing but a lie that it didn't collect donations.

[Note2] See "Mahikari and money" (01/ 2006 ~ Japanese).

[Note3] As for 'purification', there is no way to measure how much the object/receiver has been purified, either. Refer to "Mahikari's Okada said, 'Any diseases will be cured.' (01/2008 ~ Japanese) and "Mahikari and Swami Rama" (04/2009 ~ Japanese, May 2009 ~ English)

[Note4] From "Mahikari wo hontoni buttubushitai hito hikken!!" ; 524

In any case, earthquakes will occur sometimes.
Mahikari's predictions of earthquakes don't point out the dates and times. 
If you keep saying again and again, "There will be an earthquake," you'll hit a jackpot someday.
It's a weird sect in which, whenever an earthquake has occurred, people are pleased that its prediction has come true.

[Note5] Some descriptions seen on the internet discussion sites are;

a con religion; a delusional religion; fake religion; religion which fortifies itself with lies; spiritually disturbed religion; a sect with spirit disturbances itself; a con organisation which makes profits through spirit disturbances; religious organisation full of contradictions; a lying organisation; an insane sect full of harms but no goodness; a religious sect which pursues profits for itself; a religious sect which runs a wicked psychic multi business; a commercial business company, rather than a religious corporate body; a harmful insect in society, a parasite in society, etc. etc..

I quote here one comment for the reader's thought, from "Mahikari kankeisha shuugou (45); 789".

Nobody will complain if somebody believes in a certain religion, whether it is Mahikari or whatever, as long as it doesn't annoy other people.
The reason that Mahikari is beaten up this much is; it lacks common sense, on top of the fact that it is giving trouble to other people.
Mahikari members, if they really want to worship Mahikari and become purified, should learn basic common sense as to what kind of things make people dislike it and feel annoyed.

[Note6] Refer to "Okada said, 'The Mecca of the world is Ise.'" (Jan. 2011 ~ Japanese, March 2011 ~ English).

[Note7] I quote one comment for the reader's thought, from "Kokoga hen! Mahikari no hon! : 206".

The saying that lying is the beginning of a thief is well said.
Mahikari is full of lies. It steals money and time from people.
God in such a sect as this can't be a genuine god.

I can understand Mahikari very well if the divine revelation came from an evil deity.
The founder with strong lust, possessed by an evil spirit from the beginning, devoted himself to making money while telling lies.
Otherwise, it's impossible to repay several hundred million yen by peddling boots.

【Additional information: As for Okada's debt, please refer to "Okada's debt - the first part and part 2" (05,/2008 and 07/ 2008 ~ both Japanese)】

[Note8] This expression is seen in the teachings by Oshienushi, p17, in Mahikari Magazine No. 402, (March,1996)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. You hit the nail on the head about this cult - their members are blinded by the darkness of this brainwashing sect.

June 11, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's a weird sect in which..."
All sects, religions,cults, political ideologies,ritualistic belief systems, nationalism, Santa clauses, tooth fairies,virgin births, heavenly virgins, moral realisms....are weird. It's just that we are so much conditioned that we fail to realize it.

June 13, 2011  
Anonymous Henk Luth said...

Japanese do not know 'God' as we [in 'the west'] do. They have an awesome different relation to 'KAMI' which is translated to 'God'. Don't confuse yourself. 'KAMI' is also 'the understanding of laws and mechanism of nature / natural order'.In order to understand something of Japanese ethics, you have to understand [a lot] about these orders, otherwise they will simply look down on you and some feel free enough to do with you what they want. Japanese culture doesn't have any relation with 2000 years of Christian tradition. So you cannot compare 'God' with 'Kami'. Japanese consider it normal to think :"If you don't know, then you'll find out & if you don't ask [in the hierachy] then you don't deserve to know". We can only link this to Christian Tradition in Jesus's words 'Ask and you will be given'.Japanese have no relation with Jesus, Moses or Mohammed. If they want to understand something about them, they will ask hierachy highest. Their need to bring 'the message of a new civilization' across 'the world' lead to compromises. They TRANSLATED the word Kami. But how can you translate somebody elses interpretation of a word ?. I think it is fair to say there is [already] a different civilization in Japan, compared with 'the west'. One of the differences is that men in 'the west' consider each other 'source of inspiration' while in Japan men simple do what hierachy highest says.

June 22, 2011  
Anonymous Henk Luth said...

By the way, where is the freedom of speech in "All comments must be approved by the blog author." Does that look like 'the blog author' takes the place of 'hierachy highest ?'. ...

June 22, 2011  
Blogger Anne said...

Don't worry Henk.The Moderate function is used to avoid spam, not to censor discussion.

Also, thanks for your email. Sorry, but I'm really busy with other things right now.

June 22, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Mahikari's concept of God (Kami) is very close to the Abrahamic monotheistic belief of a parent God (with a weaker pantheistic aspect) since Okada was influenced by his sister who belonged to the Jehova Witnesses. In ancient religions like Shintoism or Hinduism, you find a different meaning to God, mostly referred to in the neutral gender ("it").

June 23, 2011  
Blogger Anne said...

This is tricky. If someone submits a comment that seems to be primarily intended to promote their own website and beliefs, is that a form of spam? Maybe yes, maybe no. Henk, I feel that is what your latest comment is doing and so, I'm sorry if I've hot this wrong, but I've not published it.

June 23, 2011  
Anonymous Henk said...

Very well Anne, I merely intended to come to a concensus of trying to work togeteher. I'll leave the link to this site on the site i will not mention again if that is Okay with you. You wish to know what i believe ?; Anything that will help to reach 'the goal'. You remain free ofcourse, to consider that a Western or Japanese attitude. I already made my choice there.

June 23, 2011  
Anonymous Henk said...

Anne, I like your site. The amount of things to read is fantastic. I'm very sorry but for 10 years of my life i've made an effort to learn [as yokoshi] and I feel great being on a kind of 'filtered chat-room' with others which at least know words as 'hansho, ittaika, sunao' for these words became an integral part of my thinking. There are not many people in my enviroment with which i can speak and feel good. For they do not know the words that i consider important. Isn't it purpose of this site to provide a platform to former kumite ?. If I am caught in a doubt of "Maybe yes, maybe no" i've learned to say "AI"....wasn't that the task of Okada ? to teach me that ?. I know Anne that this afternoon i will play with children on the playground between the houses here. But can you tell me where to sent an other [former] kumite too, which seems stuck in his orientation. Let me be Daihi with you and tell you there is AI between your site and my site. Owarimas.

June 24, 2011  
Anonymous Henk said...

To 'anonymous /june 23': I agree. Hindi know 'it' to be there and [some] understand themselves to be 'atman'; part of 'it all'; Brahman. Once we realize there is as much sence in comparing christianity with buddisme, as there is in comparing hinduisme with shintoisme, Sumeigodo [as mission/word] makes sence. Don't you think so ?

June 24, 2011  
Blogger Anne said...

Henk, I'm sorry I have upset you. In the past I used to be available to respond to emails related to this blog, but until yours I had not had any for some time. In the meantime, I have become too busy with other things to want to continue that and, with the wisdom of hindsight, I should have removed my email address some time ago, but I simply didn't think of it. I did so a few days ago, but it was too late to avoid wasting your time - I apologize for that.

June 26, 2011  
Anonymous Henk said...

Ik think Anne, we are both used to endure many things and I will not rember the little interaction on this channel as a waist of time. I am confident you will make additions to 'the other things' you are too busy with. Remember to find time also to enjoy your future. If there was arrogance or pressure in this interaction,I apologize for that, and wish you the means, to be able to continue your donations to our goals. Bye !

June 27, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very insightful and a must read..

July 19, 2011  
Anonymous Tere Lara said...

I am TeresaLara I am a Kamikumite from Mexico and I have been practicing imposition of hand over 27 years already, I have been living under the great protections of SU GOD. I used to have lots of problems and now I may have them but they are bearable more than 27 years ago.I have seen many outstanding and unexplainable things happening and I understand I need to change a lot more cause this is not an easy issue. I have been blessed hundreds of times and I have seen God´s blessings bestowed upon others as well.cellphone5521761811

July 24, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Truth will set you free when you awaken to " by thy fruits you shall be known"

Let me see here. (fruit) teachings of Sukyo Mahikari says
- So you have an incurable disease – obviously you have NOT done enough divine service. Must make otamaguichi donations. God needs money.
- Be sunao/obedient – well this is a great way to keep you under control. Don’t question anything.
- Be grateful for (focused on) the bad things that happen in your life. Well the Universe can only give you more of the same bad things to appear in your life. Hence more divine service and time spent away from your family. More donations to appease one’s guilt.

Most kumites would be too fearful to leave this disempowering Cult as most of them love being told what to think and do.

August 08, 2011  

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