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The Mahikari pyramid

You probably remember hearing the Sūkyō Mahikari pyramid analogy. Kumite are regarded as being the broad base of the pyramid, which supports the higher layers of kanbu, senior kanbu, and ultimately Keishu at the top pointy part. This pyramid analogy was used to encourage us to make greater efforts to expand membership, the idea being that the broader and stronger the base, the higher the top pointy part could rise towards God.

A few weeks back I started playing around with a mental image of Sūkyō Mahikari being a huge upside down pyramid. This way up, the hundreds of thousands of kumite who run around busting a gut to try and follow Okada's teachings are at the broad top, and in the lower increasingly narrow sections we have the thousands of kanbu, hundreds of buildings, large and complex administration and financial sections, and a handful of top leaders.

In my mental image, this enormous structure is supported by and balanced precariously on the tiny pointy part...Okada's claim that Mahikari teachings were revealed to him by God.

If we had just one piece of clear-cut proof that Okada's supposed revelations were either delusions or lies, the whole pyramid would topple and crash. Even without that degree of proof, the pyramid is looking decidedly shaky.

Here's some information, from the contribution by 火の鳥phoenix3000 concerning the dog story, which might wobble the Mahikari pyramid even more.

Gotaidanshu, a collection of interviews with Okada published in 1985, includes Okada's own words from an interview conducted in February, 1974. He said:

  . . . . . . . . . それから「手をかざして人の病気を治せ」と言われるでしょう。

This translates as: It was February 27, 1959, I think. I was worshiping God at my own house when I heard a loud voice say, "Thy name shall be Kōtama. The world shall enter severe times."
.........I was then told to "Raise the hand and cure people of diseases".

Huh? What about the story that Okada received this revelation when he woke from 5 days of high fever? This revelation is supposed to be THE revelation which was the basis for the establishment of Yōkōshi Tomo no Kai...and eventually SMBK, Sūkyō Mahikari, and the other groups that stem from Okada's revelations. Did Okada forget the circumstances under which he received this most momentous revelation?

Did he also forget the words God supposedly said on that occasion? The 1982 English edition of Goseigen says, Exercise the Art of Purification. These days, there's nothing in the February 27 revelations about healing diseases.

Recently, spokespeople for the Sūkyō Mahikari organization do seem to be misrepresenting (or rewriting) the teachings. The prime example is the recent official North America Sūkyō Mahikari website...more on that later. Perhaps the Sūkyō Mahikari organization has been editing the supposed words of God to suit themselves right from the early days.

How can Mahikari expect people to believe that Goseigen contains the words of God when they can't even keep their stories about the revelations consistent?


Anonymous KitKat said...

Love the cartoons, Anne - they describe it perfectly!

Knowing Mahikari, they'll hide behind the 'Oh it wasn't a very good translation' excuse - but they can hardly do that with the original Japanese words that phoenix3000 is translating!

April 02, 2006  

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