Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Awaken to True Gratitude

[Contributed by Butterfly]

The penny has only recently dropped for me that the SM teaching of offering gratitude for anything and everything is a downright insidious form of control and disempowerment. I have observed over many years the never ending “cleanings” that members seem to repeat of the same nature and now understand why they are occurring.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, you will attract more of the same.

So when you focus on offering gratitude for your financial/health/relationship “cleaning” as they ask you to do in SM, guess what? you attract more of the same cleaning to be grateful for! So why on earth does SM ask its members to focus on gratitude for their LACK of abundance/good health/harmony in relationships, to which the Universal Law can only respond accordingly and give them more lack of whatever to be grateful for. Of course its great from SM's point of view as they espouse you are erasing more “sin and impurities” which is a lot of drivel as they simply do not want you to wake up and realize that you are powerful creators by simply focusing ONLY on offering gratitude for your blessings of abundance, wellness and harmonious relationships so you can attract more of the same blessings.

I now understand why SM has become stagnant – the axel holding the two wheels of the cart has cracked and there’s no joy to be seen.
We create our reality, so what are you choosing to create when focusing your offerings of gratitude – for abundance in all areas of your life or for lack of abundance in all areas of your life?


Blogger Joe said...

This reminds me of how much I used to clench my muscles and try to literally "feel" gratitude so the "light" would come in...of course it never came when I needed it, because it's all based on a lie.

It also reminds me of the whole "change your innermost attitude" teaching and its ambiguity. How does one know when I have reached my "deepest, most innermost thoughts'??? The "light" was supposed to purify those. Did they mean my genetic constitution, or my socio-emotional learning?? Because I have always been rather pacifist when it comes to interpersonal relationships, I am polite, and I wish no one harm. It IS a control mechanism, because when you constantly set an ambiguous or impossible goal, then constantly tear someone down for not reaching it ( you need to do more service, be more thankful, change your sonen, etc...) you creat the conditions for abuse and insanity. Thank GOD I had the training to realize it.

May 04, 2006  

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