Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Disempowerment to Self Empowerment

[The following email exchange with a former member of Sukyo Mahikari is posted here with the writer's permission.]

The most satisfied feeling of joy I felt was when I woke up one morning and said "Yes" I've taken back my power and am walking my own path of Love and Light to God. I had to be caught up in this SM organisation to realise the truth that I was giving away my power to be worthy of God's love by doing all that "divine service". What a boring chore that became. Now my life is just one of letting go of the past and living in the present moment. I have no regrets and choose to see that the SM organisation is a wake up call to those like myself who get caught up in its dogma etc and to see the gift which is self empowerment. Im just truly grateful I woke up - gosh maybe thats SM's mission by God - to rattle us so that we will take back our power and to make us realise that each of one of us is a powerful creator!!

Blessings to you

Hi Butterfly,

Lovely to hear from you!

You're right...being in SM is very disempowering, and it does feel great to take back one's own power. I'm glad to hear that you did.

Can I ask, what made you wake up? You've probably noticed that a lot of what I write is an attempt to help people "wake up", so any feedback on what works for other people is useful. I guess a lot of the people who read my site and blog are actually ex-members already, but some are probably still struggling with their past SM beliefs (especially if they were long-term members).

It's good to hear that you sound like you came through fairly unscathed by it all. Thank you very much for your letter!


Hi Anne

Deep in one's heart we all know when something "feels" out of integrity. If we
block it/suppress it, then an opportunity is lost to find our balance and feel "at one" - what we resist, persists; what we accept, will set us free. By tuning into my feelings, by asking myself how did I lose my energy with SM and all its "must dos", I was able to accept how controlled and powerless I felt. With that, I stepped off the SM train and set myself free. Its called free will and we must always use it for that is the power that has been bestowed on human beings by God.



Blogger Joe said...

Thanks for sharing. I truly hope this post encourages other former members to shed any fear of speaking out. One of the things I have been thinking about is the fact that there are probably thousands of ex-members, many of whom resigned prior to the revelations brought forth by our brave friends in Austrailia. The Winston Davis book estimates an almost 50 percent dropout rate, and this was in the late 1970's.

For all of you ex-members reading this, I pray that you are not suffering, and that our discussions here will help with understanding that it was necessary to leave, and that it is NOT disturbance to feel betrayed by lies, half truths, and cover-ups regarding Mahikari. The mind control of this organization was subtle, lie-based, and targeted to prey on your innermost desire for closeness to God. Rather than feel shame or guilt, you should rejoice in the fact that you were finally given the truth ! The concept of something brining you closer to God can NEVER be achieved through lies and deception. Come join us, and pray for those who are still in the grip of this organization.

April 28, 2006  
Blogger Joe said...

oops...I meant Australian...I do actually know how to spell!

April 28, 2006  

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