Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New public letter to Sukyo Mahikari members

I recently published a new public letter to Sukyo Mahikari members on the Open Letter to Kamikumite site. This letter draws on information that has been available online for many years now, as well as on facts uncovered more recently by various people who contribute to this blog.

There is a mountain of material out there. There are discussions of central issues such as okiyome, karma, revelations, and mind control. These are all important topics in any discussion of Sukyo Mahikari. Of necessity, such discussions involve a degree of subjective interpretation since many teachings are not provable or disprovable. Still, amongst that mountain of material, there are also a number of cold, hard, provable facts. These facts can be verified objectively. Current members of Mahikari may attach a different significance to these facts than I do, but the facts themselves are in the realm of the provable.

The new public letter is an attempt at summarizing the more provable facts related to Sukyo Mahikari’s background.

Sukyo Mahikari presents its members with are very edited version of its history. If kumite are already aware of any of the facts in the letter, it is probably because they’ve heard those facts from outside sources (such as former members). It is my sincere belief that Kumite have a right to know these facts...and to know that Sukyo Mahiakri has hidden these facts from them. (Kumite may interpret the facts however they wish.)

This belief is based on the evidence of numerous conversations and emails with former members. In most cases, they had already left Mahikari, or were about to leave, before they read any of the facts available online. Yet, pretty well all of these people have said something like, “I would never have joined Mahikari if I had known about such-and-such. I wish I had known that years ago.” The reason that these people did not know these facts years ago is, firstly, that Sukyo Mahikari has edited its true history and, secondly, because kumite are discouraged from reading any critical material on the Internet.

The irony of this is that many of the Kumite to whom I have addressed the public letter might never see it. For that reason, I added a note to the letter asking readers to pass on the letter to their Kumite friends. I also asked for readers to pass it on to former Mahikari members. They too have a right to know the facts to help them make sense of their Mahikari experiences.

Please take a look at the public letter. If you feel it is sound, would you please pass it on to anyone that you think might benefit from reading it?

Thank you


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,
I cannot access this site. Is there any problem?

May 29, 2007  
Blogger Anne said...


I just checked the link and it is working fine now. Hopefully this was something temporary at the server.

If you're still having problems, a Google search on "open letter to kamikumite" should find it.

May 29, 2007  

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